Welcome to the Evergreen Public Schools online purchase and payment site.

Conveniently make purchases, pay student fees and fines, add money to lunch account,
register for sports and activities, and view purchase history. 
Please note: Online payments are secure and credit card information is not retained. 

For parents and guardians of Evergreen Public School students:

Sign In Instructions: 

You must have a Skyward Family Access account. If you don't have a Skyward Family Access account username, please contact your student's school office. 

1st Time User
User Name: YOUR Skyward Family Access username (not your students)
Password: Click here to set up your password.

Returning User
User Name: YOUR Skyward Family Access username (not your students)
Password: Password you created during your first time using this payment site. (remember passwords are CasE SenSiTivE)

Forgot your password? CLICK HERE to have a password reset sent to your email address that’s on file with the District.
Note: Resetting your Skyward Family Access password does not reset your Evergreen Payments password. 


Forgot your User Name or Password?

Once Signed In: Click on your student's name. If the student has outstanding fines or fees, a message will appear in a red box. To pay a fine or fee, click on 'View' in the red box or click on the 'Pay Fines/Fees' button under Shop. When you're on the fines/fees page, you can view the details and then pay by placing a checkmark in the Pay box and then click the 'Pay Selected Fines/Fees' button to add it to your shopping cart. 

To Make a Purchase: Click on 'Items At Student's School'. Open the applicable category/season. Select the item(s). Click on the Cart to complete your purchase. 

Reminder for food service deposits: Food service deposits placed here are recorded onto your student’s lunch account on the hour from 6:00am to 6:00pm. You can view your student's food service balance once you sign into Evergreen Payments, or you can view your student's food service balance in Skyward Family Access.


For Guests

If you do not have a student in Evergreen Public Schools, you may create a guest login: click here.
Be aware that any purchases made with a guest login will not be assigned to a student.


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If you need additional help please contact your school main office.